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Warlord Games Releases Resin Pacific Terrain

Warlord Games has been waiting with baited breath for these to arrive from Architects of War and now they’re here:

From their announcement:

With them in hand we are delighted to say these are really top notch terrain pieces and perfect for any games set in jungle/tropical settings – especially those set during the Pacific during World War II. The first product is a complete ‘Village in a box' suitable for Pacific Island games, Caribbean and South American locales, south east Asia and even parts of Africa. It will easily take up a 24" square area of your gaming table.

You receive two pieces unique only to this village set - baskets of fish and other details and a ‘food preparation’ area where the native inhabitants are apparently prepping for dinner with baskets of various gathered food stuffs, matting, etc. We fear that both areas are booby-trapped!

You also receive our Pig Poke (actually a sow pit that comes with two pigs), the Headman’s House, and the Small Native house. Enough foliage is included to decorate all the bases to match our other Jungle and Pacific products.

The large native hut can be used as the village chief’s abode or just a larger hut. Built from locally available materials it's perfect for many periods and locales including the Pacific Islands, Burma, Vietnam, and the Caribbean. The house rests on stilts and has a removable roof for figure access.

Under a house is a concealed bunker, capable of fortifying a crew served weapon or hiding a cache of arms or rum. Note that the miniatures shown are not included.

This kit includes jungle ‘Foliage’ for finishing it off that matches the rest of our Jungle and Pacific products. In only three pieces, this is a fast and easy kit to put together. Our special resin makes it very easy to paint with a quick spray base coat and successive layers of dry brushing. Instructions can be found in the How To section of this website. The separate ladder at the front is one of our metal casting for superb detail and durability.

A small native house, built from locally available materials, is perfect for many time periods and locales including the Pacific Islands, Burma, Vietnam, and the Caribbean. The house rests on stilts and has a removable roof for figure access

The Battle of Tarawa, or the invasion of Betio Island, was the first large scale amphibious assault by the United States on an island held by the Japanese. It would set the precedent for the entire island hoping campaign of World War Two in the Pacific with some harsh lessons learned. This model is a composite of an actual bunker on the island as well as images from the filmSands of Iwo Jima. The top has an open “observation area.” The entire structure is made of coconut logs with reinforced steel doors (usually salvaged from merchant vessels). All of this is buried under tons of sand and was an unpleasant to the marines, as these bunkers often took the massive amount of ordnance the navy poured onto the island without appreciable damage.

It includes a Pegasus Hobbies Palm tree. In addition, the interior, accessible from the lift off roof is completely detailed with a radio station, map boards, and bunk beds. Many other details can be found cast onto the base.

While designed after Tarawa installations, these types of Japanese bunkers could be found all over the Pacific and wouldn’t be out of place with additional foliage added for the jungles of Burma.

Actually a Sow Pit used to separate an expectant hog mother from the rest of the group, we just had to call it a pig poke. This simple resin cast structure is useful for nearly any period and most locales of course. We have used them in Pacific Island games, Dark Age games, Fantasy skirmishes and more.

How many pigs do you get? Well two Pigs in the Poke of course.

Whether you man our Concealed Jungle Bunker with Japanese or Chindits or even use it a s hunting blind to fire on unsuspecting fauna of the rain forest, we are sure you will be pleased to own this item.

The Bunker comes with a removable top and all the trees and foliage you need to complete just as in the pictures.

Everything has been designed for durability; ease of painting and assembly, and to match our other Pacific and Jungle terrain.Nothing says 'jungle' like, er, jungle. Happily, this next product is the perfect answer.

The trees are sculpted large trunks combined with readymade 'off the shelf' products from Woodland Scenics and Pegasus hobbies. The foliage was very carefully gathered form a wide number of sources and chosen by realistic color and in scale sizes.

This set of four resin cast plates allows you to put the best detailed, IN SCALE (28mm of course) jungle on your table ever commercially offered. The best part is it’s been designed for EASY assembly and painting and gives you a great result for a surprising low amount of work. Easily occupies 24 square inches of your table for a “dense” jungle, or can be spread out.

All of the above are now available from the Warlord Games webstore. Grab your machete and head into the jungle...