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Warlord Games Releases Plastic Married Zulus and Special Offers

Warlord Games releases Plastic Married Zulus and announces special offers:

From their announcement:

The second plastic set for our Anglo-Zulu War range are these superb Married warriors. Lending their martial prowess to their recently released plastic Unmarried brethren, the Married Zulu regiment is now available to purchase. For those of you who pre-ordered your sets, they will be sent out before anything else as befits your excitement in our miniatures – thanks!

Each boxed set comes with enough plastic components to make 32 Married Zulus, plus 1 metal Empress Miniatures InDuna on foot with several weapon options. Unmarried regiments too! This set contains 32 multi-pose plastic Unmarried Zulus, a background leaflet and an Empress Miniatures metal InDuna to help focus their energy. For those of you wanting to put together an impi or even full army of Zulus we've got just what you need - our Isifuba, Chest of the Beast deal gives you the core of a force and saves you a few notes into the bargain. Of course, real men will want to pull together a huge Zulu horde - enter our 'Zulus to the south west, sir - thousands of them' offer. As befits the most famous quote from the film, Zulu, we're offering you 1,000 (yes, one thousand!) plastic Zulus for an amazing price. All of these great products and deals can be gleaned from us on the Warlord Games webstore. With free worldwide shipping for orders over £50 GBP and just £1 GBP per order under £50 GBP the decision is easy to make - go get 'em!