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Warlord Games Releases New Bolt Action Universal Carrier Variants

Warlord Games releases two new carrier variants based on the classic British Universal Carrier Mk II:

From their website:

these two new models will be a welcome addition to the forces of His Majesty’s Commonwealth! The first vehicle mounts a 3? mortar and a staggering amount of ammunition, whilst the second vehicle mounts the ubiquitous Vickers Medium Machine gun which will give you all the mobile firepower your brave Tommies will need as they take the fight to Jerry. They are now ready to be added to your British or Commonwealth forces!

With loads of space for stowing prodigious amount of ammunition, the Universal Carrier was a highly maneouvrable option for 3? mortar teams and performed very well during the war. The model comes with 3 extra metal crew and all four Tommies have separate heads allowing you to easily turn this into a vehicle in use by the Indians, Airborne, Australians etc by the swap of a head!