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Warlord Games Releases Horns of the Buffalo - Rorke's Drift Collectors Set

Warlord Games releases a Rorke's Drift collectors set:

From their announcement:

The Rorke’s Drift! battle-set may well be packed to the gunnels with superb terrain and miniatures but our Horns of the Buffalo set takes things to a different level! We’ve added to the contents of the Rorke’s Drift! set with loads more bespoke terrain to give you the ultimate 28mm Rorke’s Drift wargaming experience! You won’t want to miss out on this! The ‘Horns of the Buffalo’ collectors set includes the Rorke’s Drift boxed set and builds on it with even more Anglo Zulu War goodies! In addition to more barricades and walls we also include broken down walls to represent the second Kraal. Also included is one of the key features of the defence of Rorke’s Drift – the mealie-bag redoubt!

This absolutely amazing set can be yours for £275 GBP. This saves you £88 GBP on buying the components separately!

** Due to the sheer amount of awesomeness crammed into these large sets of Anglo Zulu War goodness the weight makes shipping them out very pricey for us. So, we’ve had to increase the shipping costs to customers outside of the UK – select the relevant option in the dropdown menu in the webstore **