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Warlord Games Releases Bolt Action Imperial Japanese Army boxed set

Warlord Games announces the long-awaited Japanese for our Bolt Action WWII range are kicked off with this great boxed set:

From their announcement:

Loyal subjects of the Emperor rejoice – the brave soldiers of the Rising Sun are here!

“Banzai!” A cry that caused great fear in allied troops during WW2.The Imperial Japanese army were adept in many forms of warfare, and the use of this battlecry was all part of their fierce battle tactics. They were excellent soldiers, with extraordinary will power and devotion to their country and to their Emperor.

They smashed the British Commonwealth and American forces in the early years of the war using devastating tactics that confounded the allied troops and who had no answer to the fast moving fanatical Japanese infantryman. They were well trained and suitably equipped for their campaigns, making up for a paucity of heavy weapons with dash and raw courage that was alien to their foes. As with most armies the sections used the light and medium machine guns to lay down suppressive fire whilst their rifle armed comrades covered the gun, fed them ammunition before outflanking and then charging a rattled opponent.

They made good use of the small mortars to shake up the enemy before closing in with deadly long bayonets fixed to their Arisaka rifles.

By the war’s end they were a battered, shattered army, with few supplies and terrible casualties. Their reputation for bravery was legendary, as was sadly their appalling record of civilian and military atrocities which will always be associated with the amazing resilience and skill of the Japanese soldier.

Warlord’s Imperial Japanese boxed set provides you 20 finely detailed metal models such as: -

• Command Section
• MMG team
• Knee Mortar
• Rifleman Squad

Also included are devotional rifle banners and full colour flags.

Alternately if you want to get things rolling and save a few bucks, check out Banzai! army deal where you get three boxes at a discount!