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Warlord Games release Roman Medicus

Warlord Games have released a 28mm Roman Medicus figure. Medicus at work From their announcement:
When we showed this great little dioramic piece off on our website a few days ago we weren’t prepared for the sheer level of excitement it would cause. Now you can get your hands on one. This Medicus represents the cutting edge of Roman medical technology which sadly for his patient is on a par with your dad’s tool box. By the time he’s finished our brave legionary may well be wishing he’d tried his luck with the Celts. All joking aside, the Medicus’ role in the Roman army would see the life expectancy of men surpass that of women for the first time. This was largely thought to be down to the expertise of the Medicus on the field of battle. Ideal as a great objective marker, diorama piece or even the ultimate casualty marker for Hail Caesar. It consists a Medicus, a legionary aiding his fallen colleague and what’s left of a legionary. The Medicus’ toolbox, instrument wrap and a wicker basket filled with towels, bandages, etc finish this scene off perfectly.