Warlord Games release Renedra Tents

Warlord Games now have 28mm Renedra Tents available for order.

Renedra Tents

From their announcement:

Two small “Pup tents”, two good sized soldiers tents/Officers tents and two Bell tents.

Not only that, but two stretchers and a fire pit… All for the sum of £6, what a bargain.

These are cracking models and just what your troops need to relax in before or after their battles.. easy to paint and great to embellish, these tents can be used for all sorts of armies and periods, and they will do for all armies in the Black powder period onwards and for a good lot of the periods before.

We reckon those larger tents would look great as Roman tents, just paint them in leather colour and hey presto, Roman tents.

Postage and packing are still free until the end of July.