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Warlord Games release new Dacians

Warlord Games have released new 28mm Dacian figures. Dacians From their announcement:
Wielding lethal Falx blades and supported by Roman-built war machines it’s not hard to see how the Dacians gave the Roman military a bloody nose or two. This week our revamped and reorganised Dacian Warhost boxed set is back and it's bigger than ever. The new warhost is ably reinforced with new Dacian releases too. First of these is our Dacian command group. With the chieftain wielding two hand falxes he's every Romans worst nightmare... With the addition of our new King Decabalus and the soon-to-be released Sarmatian Cataphracts the might of Rome will have their battlefield supremacy challenged... During July we're offering free shipping worldwide on any order we receive so don't hang around.