Warlord Games release Highland Hero and Alasdair “The Devastator” MacColla

Warlord Games have released two Highland models for their Pike and Shotte ECW range.

From their announcement:

“There can only be one!” Well, two in this case.

Avatistic, frightening but ferociously loyal to their Laird and Clan, Highlanders have fought for family, religion, money and booty for hundreds of years. In an age and culture where personal strength and courage counted for much, the Highland hero was still a man of standing.

Warlord brings you two such Brobdingnagian brutes from the wild places of Scotland: The Highlander Hero and Alasdair “The Devastator” MacColla himself.

We have our hero wielding an ancient weapon, the double handed great sword that could smash down pikes or horsemen alike. This man is clearly the stuff of legends, bulging with energy and muscle and capable of great deeds on the field of battle. He is a dangerous man indeed.

Standing at 7-foot tall, Alisdair ‘The Devastator’ Mac Colla was a larger than life character in every way. Right hand man to the Marquis of Montrose, Mac Colla was a legendary figure.A veteran of many battles alongside his famous Irish Brigade, Mac Colla has been credited with inventing the tactic of the Highland charge in the Civil Wars where his men ran at enemy infantry, fired a volley at close range and then closed hand to hand to chop his opponents to “wee teeny bits”.