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Warlord Games release first Black Powder supplement

Black Powder – Last Argument of Kings Warlord Games have released the first supplement for their Black Powder wargaming rules. From their announcement:
The first supplement for our Black Powder rules set is here. Those of you who pre-ordered should have received your copies by now - the rest can get their eager paws on the new book now. This 112 page full colour softback supplement for the Black Powder game overviews the main conflicts and armies of this period, and includes army lists and special rules to enable you to refight these wars using the Black Powder rules, as well as scenarios for the most dramatic battles of the time. Featured conflicts include:
  • The War of the Spanish Succession – the Battle of Blenheim (1704)
  • The Great Northern War – the Battle of Holowczyn (1708)
  • The Austro-Turkish Wars – the Battle of Petrovardin (1716)
  • The War of the Austrian Succession – the Battle of Fontenoy (1745)
  • The Wars of the English Succession – the 1745 Rebellion
  • The Seven Years’ War – the Battle of Hundorf (1762)
  • War in the Colonies – The French Indian War & The War in India
  • Raids and Invasions – Amphibious Warfare in the 18th Century
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