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Warlord Games release British Airborne Welbike riders

Warlord Games have released a set of WWII British Airborne Welbike rider figures. British Airborne Welbike riders From their announcement:
Whilst we've had the Welbike airborne motorcycle in our Bolt Action 28mm WWII range for some time now it's been riderless. Until now. This new release has a British (or Polish, Canadian, etc if you prefer) Paratrooper riding said Welbike as he speeds to the RV point or simply uses his trusty steed to get to where the action is after a messy drop. The set come with separate head variants allowing for helmeted or beret versions as well as Sten gun or Lee Enfield rifle options. Whether this simply provides more flavour for your games or adds a scenario objective as the brave Red Devils are ambushed by the forces of the Third Reich as they ride to their destination you won;t regret picking up these great models! Add these models or other great British Airborne models to your army on our webstore at