Warlord Games release Bolt Action Aerosan

By tgn_admin
Aug 4th, 2011

Warlord Games have released a 1:56 scale WWII Soviet Aerosan vehicle kit.

1:56 scale WWII Soviet Aerosa

From their announcement:

Ever since we bought Bolt Action we’ve been tinkering with the Aerosan snowmobile that was half completed at the time. We’re delighted to be able to finally bring you this great little resin and metal model.

Providing reconnaissance and patrol duties for the Soviet army during The Winter War against Finland and the Second World War, the Gaz-98 Aerosan was capable of dealing with deep snows at high speed – even when impassable by other vehicles.

Of course, a vehicle that looks like this will make it ideal for use in pulp games and with the crew heads separate it’ll be rather easy to convert.

To make sure you get hold of yours first you can make a pre-order for the Aerosan .

And don’t forget there is free worldwide shipping on all orders placed during August.

  • That thing is real?!

    I thought Warlord Games got into VSF for a second..

    • AKE

      The Russians made a larger, armored version of the aerosled, too.

  • EasyEight

    Shouldn’t an aerosan be on SNOW!?! I thought they had limited to no mobility anyplace except snow and ice, which is what they were designed for.