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Warlord Games Previews Upcoming Konflikt '47 Releases

In the world of Konflikt '47, WWII continues to rage on. The Axis and the Allies both are looking for that one advantage that will finally bring the war to an end. So far, the game has focused on the European front, with German, Russian, American, and British forces. But the war is still going on in the Pacific, too. As such, there's the Japanese forces to reckon with. Get a look at what they'll be getting, along with some other pieces for the other forces, in this preview.

From the preview:

Clockwork Goblin has been leaking some classified intel onto the Facebook pages (of all places), so we’ve gathered the information into this article so everyone can catch up on what coming up for Konflikt.

We’ve already hinted and shown these guys at Salute, however here are some good closeups! The Japanese bring in their ingenuity into their mechs!