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Warlord Games Previews T-1000 for Terminator Genisys

Come with me if you want to live... Or really, if you just want to see the 3D render of the T-1000 for the upcoming Terminator Genisys miniatures game. Yeah, sure, you can see part of the mini up there in the feature, but it's below the cut where you get to see the whole thing. And we all know that's the most interesting bit. I'm not even going to make you break through a helicopter windshield and flow through it in your liquid metal form. You've just gotta click.


Note that this version is the War Against the Machines version (since they're coming out with several starter sets for the game). This model will be available in a separate blister pack from the box set. So, if for some reason, you just want the mini and not the whole game, then that works, too.
It'll be cool to see how people paint in those gun shot marks there.