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Warlord Games Previews New British Cavalry and Regiment for Black Powder

For a long time, the British had some of the best fighting forces on the planet. Their various units of cavalry and regiments led them to conquest all over. Warlord Games is letting you bring some of that to your tabletop with some new cavalry units as well as an infantry regiment for Black Powder. They've posted up a preview of what you can expect coming out next month.

From the preview:

What’s that we can hear? Why yes… it’s the Heavy British Cavalry thundering across the battlefields of Napoleonic France, in stores 17th June!

The British Household Brigade Cavalry or the 1st Cavalry Brigade – was arguably Britain’s finest unit of cavalry. Impatient due to seeing little action in the Peninsular war and tired of parades, the Household Brigade was only too pleased to be on the field at Waterloo to show what these gentlemen could do.