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Warlord Games Previews Napoleonic British Cavalry

Throughout much of military history, men on horseback have been some of the most formidable forces in warfare. Their fast, powerful charges into enemy lines could be the deciding factor in a battle. Later this year, Warlord Games will be coming out with some new British Cavalry models for Black Powder and they've got just a teaser preview up for them.

From the website:

Join the Allied forces of Wellington later this year and repeat the heroics of the Household Cavalry and Dragoons of the 2nd (Union) Cavalry Brigade at Waterloo.

These 2 sets have completed the design process (we think you’d agree that the artwork is gorgeously evocative of the period) and are now being tooled up for production.

It’s time to complete all your projects and listen for the trumpets sounding the charge across the fields of Belgium this summer!