Warlord Games Previews Ghar High Commander Karg 12-40-9

By Polar_Bear
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May 31st, 2016

Warlord Games has posted up another preview of the upcoming Battle for Xilos expansion for Beyond the Gates of Antares. This time around it’s another Ghar character in the form of High Commander Karg 12-40-9. You thought the previous Ghar guy had an impressive rig he was riding around in.


High Commander Karg is a brilliant strategist, but he’s also a bit of a coward (some might call it “overly-concerned with self-preservation”). So while he can help remove pin counters to units around him, if an enemy gets too close, he’s going to run for it. The troopers piloting his walker around also know better than to disappoint, giving them a reroll on Initiative tests.


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  • DB

    This screams for a Santa Claus conversion. Driver with a red nose, two little elves in chains instead of the slave girls. Perhaps a krampus.

  • Kurt W

    Well, he’s no Fartok…

    • Nothing will ever be Fartok.

      • DB

        Poor Fartok. Santa should give him some Metamucil.