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Warlord Games Previews Duel in the Sun Book for Bolt Action

There are several names that just stand out from WWII. Sure, Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, and such. But other names such as Monty and Rommel are almost as well known. Their actions across North Africa are as much a part of the overall story of WWII as The Battle of the Bulge and Stalingrad. Well, Bolt Action is headed to North Africa and then into Italy with their upcoming Duel in the Sun book, of which we get a preview today.

The new Theater Book brings you new scenarios, special rules for fighting in the various locations, new troop types and the equipment they used, and a new theater selector. The book covers such notable operations such as Torch, Compass, El Alamein, and more. It goes from the deserts of North Africa, to the Invasion of Sicily, and up into the boot of Italy until the final assaults at the Gothic Line.