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Warlord Games Previews Campaign Gigant Scenario: Battle for Nottingham

It's WWII and Germany has invaded Britain. The British people are fighting back with everything they have against the occupying forces. That's what's going on in Campaign Gigant, the second book in the Operation Sea Lion series for Bolt Action. In this preview, take a look at one of the scenarios that's coming. Nottingham is under attack (the Germans obviously want to take over GW's operations).

From the preview:

The Germans have pushed further into the Midlands and now threaten Nottingham! – Let’s take a look at just one of the action packed scenario’s to be found in the Operation Sea Lion part 2 Campaign: Gigant book!

As you’ll discover, the Campaign: Gigant supplement expands on the Sea Lion invasion with a successful glider assault. This scenario follows the fortunes of Kampfgruppe West in its attempts to fight its way through the Nottingham road network after an unfortunate navigational error caused by the decidedly unsporting locals removing all the road signs!
It should be played as a full-sized battle game. Scenario 7: Envelopment from the Bolt Action rulebook is perfect for this action, or players could look at Battle Scenario: Capture a Port from the Operation: Sea Lion supplement for ideas. The Germans are the attacker.