Warlord Games preview plastic Bolt Action 28mm German Infantry

Warlord Games have posted previews of the three-ups and infantry weapon sprue for their upcoming Bolt Action 28mm plastic German Infantry.

From their announcement:

Warlord Games is proud to present the World’s first 28mm hard plastic multi-pose World War II infantry.

Our first release will be the classic Late War German Infantry. Perfect for fighting across the claustrophobic hedgerows of Normandy, the inhospitable Russian front, the rugged hillsides of Italy and the final, desperate defence of Berlin…

This boxed set will feature two different and finely detailed plastic sprues – one containing weapons and the other holding bodies, heads, arms, etc.

Each body sprue has five poses, eight different heads, and more arms than you will know what to do with. We’ve also added more heads than you need to allow for a wide variety within your army – helmets, field caps, officers caps and helmets with wire netting. Their equipment will be optional, and can be glued on in all varieties of ways. They wear gaiters and short boots (copied from the British, in fact…).

Not only that, the heads are fully interchangeable with metal heads from the existing Bolt Action range, making possible a truly unfathomable number of combinations.

Best of all, the separate weapons sprue holds a veritable arsenal of weaponry and equipment – far more than you’ll need for each squad. Again this allows for a bewildering level of customisation in your army as well as providing some excellent modelling opportunities – the standard issue Kar98K rifle is included in numbers, but also versions with a bayonet attached and another with sniper scope. For the NCOs an MP40 sub-machine gun has been added and (because they’re too cool not to include) an StG44 assault rifle. Add to this an MG34, an MG42, a semi-automatic GW43, and you’ve got some serious firepower. To finish it off, we have stick grenades, a panzerfaust, field glasses, Walther P38 pistol, etc. which so liberally equipped German squads in most theatres of the war.

We are working furiously to get these miniatures to you, and hope to have them available before the summer ends. We haven’t firmed up the box contents or prices just yet, but rest assured you will be getting a ton of miniatures for your money.
These Germans are the first of a whole new range of WWII 28mm multi-pose plastic infantry, but there are more to come soon – the Germans will need someone to fight, after all…