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Warlord Games preview new plastic Napoleonic Russians

Warlord Games have posted a photo of the three-ups for their upcoming 28mm plastic Napoleonic Russian miniatures.

Napoleonic Russian 3-ups

From their announcement:
We are delighted to announce a forthcoming plastic kit - The Napoleonic Russians. Based on uniforms worn in warmer months these are idea for battles such as Borodino.

In classic march attack pose, these 28mm plastic miniatures have separate backpack, swords and ammo pouches, as well as separate heads.

All of the following head variants will be included.
  • Musketeer with short shako

  • Musketeer with earlier pattern tall shako

  • Musketeers with leather covered shako

  • Grenadiers with short shako

  • Grenadiers with earlier pattern tall shako (with outrageous plumage!)

Three different body sculpts and a wealth of accoutrements will lend themselves beautifully to a high degree of customisation. As you can see from the photos here, these models will be easy to assemble, allow for a great number of options within the regiment and look splendid on the table

As we get nearer to confirming a release date, more information will follow along with photos!