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Warlord Games Pre-releases New Pre-Painted Tanks

Not everyone enjoys painting. I know, some of you out there that love painting more than anything just gasped. But honestly, not everyone enjoys it. I could say that I fit into that boat. Sure, we can all appreciate a well-painted figure, but we don't always want to be the one to have painted it ourselves. Thankfully, Warlord Games is here to help for Bolt Action players who don't necessarily want to paint up their tanks.

The first four tanks in this series are the most iconic of the war (it seemed the most appropriate place to start). You can get the Russian T 34/85, the British Cromwell, the German Panzer-IV, and the American M4 Sherman. You can check out the paint jobs on them in the photos above.

You can order the tanks now and they'll start shipping out in the new year.