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Warlord Games Pre-order plastic Anglo-Zulu War British Line Infantry

Warlord Games musters the brave British Redcoats and shows who truly rules Africa! You can now pre-order the plastic British Line Infantry:

From their website:

A casual look at Tommy Atkins of the Victorian period gave little away about his fighting abilities. Standing 5' 5 " on average, and often shorter. He may or may not be able to read or write. This appearance was deceptive, however. The average British redcoat was the most dangerous animal in Africa, equipped as he was with the Martini-Henry breech-loading rifle capable of being fired 15 times a minute out to 1200 yards range in volley fire if needs be. His discipline was legendary, his marching ability, enough to traverse all manner of terrain and his determination to fight his Queen’s enemies, which were legion, made him an implacable foe. Well led, well-equipped and thoroughly trained in his abilities, he blazed a trail for Empire all over the world. Cheerful, confident the redcoats of the County Regiments served their sovereign well, smashing their enemy by concentrated rifle fire and if necessary, selling their lives dearly with the use of their wicked long bayonets.

Our Redcoats represent any British unit of the Anglo/Zulu war. “Volley fire, at 200 yards. Present!”

Box set contains enough plastic components to make 20 British Infantry with Martini Henry Rifles. We’ve included a Glengarry bonnet and a sun hat on the sprue but the joy of the seperate heads are you can choose how to attire your regiment and there are enough sun helmets to have the entire unit so attired – god bless Her Most Imperial Majesty’s Commissariat!

Also included in the box are 4 metal Empress Miniatures command figures – Bugler, Sergeant and two officers.