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Warlord Games Posts Test of Honour Optional Rules

When writing rules for a game, you want to do your best to make sure they're clear and uncomplicated. Sometimes, a part of a rule sounds good, and you don't necessarily want to cut it, but you find that it's just not quite in the theme or style you want for the game. That's not to say they're necessarily bad. They're just not quite what the overall game needs in the main rulebook. They're the "deleted scenes" of the game. Well, Warlord Games has posted up these rules on their website for you to check out and possibly add to the game if you and your opponent want.

From the post:

So what’s this then? Well, during the development of the game we played around with a lot of different rules that ended up being left out for reasons of space, game length or simplicity. However we didn’t want all these ideas to go to waste, so I’m gradually writing them up to share with you as optional rules!

The idea is to chat with your opponent and agree which rules you want to use (if any!) – just choose what you think is fun and make the game your own.

I’ve kicked off with a few short items to get the ball rolling such as water-based terrain and ‘Shot in the Back’ (dishonourable player will like that one). There is also a rule for varying the ability scores of your samurai to give them a little more character in campaigns, and we’ve done blank Recruitment cards to help you record the results!