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Warlord Games Posts Terminator: Genisys Rules, Updates FAQ

By now you've no doubt seen me previously posting about how I love when companies post the rules for their games online so people can check them out. With so many game systems out there these days, it's impossible to play them all, and so we have to pick and choose. Checking out a rules system ahead of time is a great way to find out if it's something you'd think you'd like or not. It also shows confidence in the system on the part of the game company. "We know you're going to like the game, so check out the rules." Well, Warlord Games has posted up the rules for Terminator: Genisys up online.

These are a sort of cut-down version of the rules. They're everything you need, but they're just the basic system. And with any rules system, you're gonna have questions. As such, Warlord Games has also posted up an updated FAQ for the game. Got a question? Check it out and chances are that it'll be answered there.