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Warlord Games Posts New Releases

Warlord Games Posts new releases for their Bolt Action and Hail Caeser lines:

From their website:

Following on from our release of the Japanese Jungle fighters squad last week, we’ve been asked to make the Imperial Japanese Army squad available separately from the boxed set. Your wish is our command – get the new squad here! The squad is the backbone of the majority of Japanese forces during WWII. It is armed with the trademark Arisaka rifle and ably supported by a 2-man Type 99 light machine gun team. Note that the paper devotional banners aren’t included – they are currently only available in the Imperial Japanese Army boxed set.

Ideal for adding a little flavour to your battlefield or perhaps acting as part of your baggage train are these five Greek civilians in traditional garb. Greek civilian dress was typically the same as that worn under the cuirass during war. The Chiton was a simple tunic which was tied at the shoulders. This was made from woollen cloth or linen and could be richly dyed or embroidered. Women wore a long style of this, which would reach to the ankles or even the floor.

The Wolverine was the British nomenclature for the M10 tank destroyer - US forces, for once, didn't adopt this nickname and instead stuck with the rather creative 'TD' (tank destroyer). You can now add this to your army and shoo away those nasty big cats. The crew wear Royal Armoured Corps pattern helmets whilst the third crewman proudly wears his beret as he scans the battlefield for targets with his field glasses. These could easily be British, Polish or Canadian.