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Warlord Games Posts New Releases

Warlord Games has a new release for their Bolt Action line and a new supplement:

From their website:

The latest release in our ever-expanding Bolt Action 28mm WWII range is this classic light truck which served British Commonwealth forces during the early stages of the war, in the desert campaign and in North West Europe post D-Day. The model is supplied with a driver. You can choose whether to cut the thin membrane of resin out where the windows are and show the driver (you could even add blister pack plastic to simulate windows!) or simply paint the windows as they are.

Reinforcements is the latest supplement for the Operation Squad WWII game. This supplement contains details on new support sections and their weapons as well as many new squads to use in the 5 exciting scenarios which have been especially designed to let you play the game on bigger tables. From Russian Penal Squads (Shtrafniye Roti) to the infamous Hitlerjugend Volunteers (defenders of Berlin), from American Recon squads (in jeeps) to British Scout squads (and their Universal Carriers)… your games will never be the same again.