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Warlord Games Posts New Releases

Warlord Games post two new releases from their Hail Caeser line:

From their website:

Amongst the first re-releases of the metal range we acquired when we bought Immortal Miniatures are these nifty nCretan Archers. Deployed mostly as mercenaries, the Cretan archer is an iconic element of most Greek armies. Commonly deployed as mercenaries, Cretan archers are an iconic part of Greek armies. Despite their fame, almost nothing is known about their appearance or how they fought!

Xenophon mentions their shields (although we are not sure he is talking about the archers), we know they carried Scythian style compound bows. Later depictions in art show a head band, dagger or short sword and a small pouch carried on the chest (maybe for bow strings, thumb rings or other archery equipment).

One of our most popular Roman sets are the Praetorian Guard Cavalry we released recently. We’ve now received painted versions so here they are in all their glory!

Resplendent in their cloaks and Attic helmets, the Praetorian cavalry cut a dashing figures on the tabletop. It wasn’t all looks though – they were capable of causing havoc with the enemy battleline and as such not many commanders will leave their fort without at least one unit of these noble horsemen. Whether you are looking for an escort for a Roman dignitary (or indeed the Emperor himself!) or looking to put the fear of the Gods into your opponent you know what you need to add to your army.