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Warlord Games Posts New Releases

Warlord Games post new releases from their Bot Action and Hail Caeser lines:

From their website:

The Red Army sees the welcome return of not one but three tank destroyers this week – the Su-85, Su-100 and Su-122M. These armoured fighting vehicles have been heavily remastered and have loads more detail than the previous incarnations. The SU-85 self-propelled gun based itself on the proven T34 chassis which had stood the Red Army in good stead against their German counterparts. As with other ‘SUs’, the SU-85s name came from the Russian for ’self-propelled carriage' (Samokhodnaya Ustanovka) and the bore of the gun – in this case the high velocity 85 mm D-5T anti-tank gun. With the all-important low profile of a tank hunter it also had good mobility but at the expense of lighter armour. Entering active service in autumn 1943 the SU-85 would be found in all self-propelled regiments and brigades.

Thessaly’s wide plains make great horse country and as such it’s people made excellent horsemen. The Thessalians can be found in Greek armies and also that of the Persians during their invasion of Greece, making them a versatile choice for your armies! Thessalians are typically shown as wearing the wide pestos ‘sun hat’, simple tunic, boots and a wide flowing cloak which is normally shown as red with a white border, although it is likely that some wore the cloaks similar to their Thracian neighbours. They ride the horse bare back, without even a saddle cloth and are armed with a pair of spears which could be thrown or used in close quarters.

With new crew miniatures we’re now re-releasing two old favourites back into the Bolt Action range – both based on the Sd.Kfz 250 Neu halftrack. The first of these halftracks is the Sd.Kfz 250/7. Built between 1943 and 1945 the 250/7 carries an 80mm mortar to provide excellent mobile fire support for the German infantryman. The remastered model comes without the old integral base and includes two crewmen who are serving the mortar. Incorporating the Warlord Figure Head System of separate heads you have plenty of options for tailoring them to suit your existing army.