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Warlord Games Posts New Previews

The fellows over at Warlord Games have been pretty busy this holiday season. They're giving us quite a treat with all the previews they've been posting. There's a new trio of them to take a look at today. It's a bit of everything, from Weird War II, to sci-fi, to pulp history.

Starting out is some preview art for Konflikt 47, a team-up event with Clockwork Goblin to bring their Weird War II game to your tabletops. Expect an adapted version of the Bolt Action rules, but with some slight changes to integrate the stranger items we will be expecting to get.


Next-up we've got the ABC-Warriors, on preview for the Judge Dredd Minis Game. Why ABC? Because they're battle bots designed to survive against Atomic, Bacterial, and Chemical weapons, of course. Actually, that's somewhat clever. I like it.


Finishing up the previews for today, we've got the Simians II set for Savage Core. Kinda reminds me of the opening scenes to 2001: A Space Odyssey. I'm thinking that was sort of the point, actually. So it worked out perfectly.

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