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Warlord Games Posts New Konflikt '47 Previews

Clockwork Goblin is the design team behind Konflikt '47. They've been busy goblins, indeed, working on all sorts of new things for the game. There's been some posted photos here and there, randomly, one at a time. Well, Warlord decided to collect them all in one, handy place for you (and me). Guys! They're getting werebears!

Though the werebears are the coolest (in my opinion) things they've shown, it's certainly not the only thing. The Soviets will also be getting a Soviet Daughters of the Motherland squad. Germany is getting the Falken Jump Squad. The British are getting some alternate heads for their minis (the knight's helmet one is pretty snazzy). There's also new turrets for tanks and battle robots.

In other words: lots of really cool things (but mostly werebears).