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Warlord Games Posts New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases

Warlord Games has some new Beyond the Gates of Antares releases for you. There's a couple drones, as well as the new expansion book, The Chryseis Shard, as a pdf. You now, for those of you that don't like to have to haul a real book around, and would prefer the electronic version (personally, I see pros and cons of both forms of media, so it's really up to you).

From the websites:

The new Close Support Drones, with cannons included for the C3 Concord, arrive to bolster your Concord and Freeborn forces!

With the benefit of dual weapons giving it extra fire power and options for the additional drones to be taken as Spotter, Batter or Shield Drones, this will be a mobile bunker for your troops to launch their assault from behind.

Expand the might of your Concord expansionist force with two new & powerful C3D2 Support Drones!

The D2 medium support drone is a more heavily built vehicle than the D1 and eminently suitable as a weapons carrier. Its composite shell provides excellent all round protection and carries a highly e?ective kinetic shield. D2s are used both to support other troops and as the basis of drone formations alongside the bigger combat drones. The D2’s weapon mount is capable of bearing a number of di?erent weapons. Usually armed with either plasma light support or plasma cannons it is becoming more common to see the heavier Fractal & Compression versions where the terrain is dense such as found on Chryseis.

In the Chryseis Shard campaign the fighting is represented by six new narrative style scenarios, six key battles leading to the discovery of the artificial intelligence core called the Locus. Our story takes us to that final confrontation, leaving the fate of the Locus and the course of Antarean space for you to resolve…

C3M407 Close Support Drone Source
Compression and Fractal Cannon C3D2 Support Drones Source
The Chryseis Shard – The Ascent of the Locus PDF Source