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Warlord Games Posts Konflikt '47 Release Schedule

Warlord Games has started taking orders for the first sets of Konflikt '47 releases. But what if you want to plan out your purchases for the next several months? If you get the rulebook and see a really cool unit you'd like to use, when will you be able to get it and put it on your table? The holidays are just a couple months away. It'd be good to know what will be available when they roll around. Thankfully, Warlord Games has posted up their release schedule for the next several months of Konflikt '47 releases.

We're a touch past halfway through August, where there's releases such as the rulebook, as well as the US and German starter sets. September will see an expansion of both those faction's forces with some heavy infantry, and a couple tanks. For those that want another faction, October will be your first chance, as there's a "preview blister" scheduled for both the Soviets and the British. November will get the Germans and US a few releases, with Totenkorps, snipers, and the Mudskipper. Finally, in December, the British and Soviets are getting starter sets and their line expanded.