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Warlord Games Posts Freeborn Army List for Beyond the Gates of Antares

I'm a very big proponent of "try before you buy." In this day and age, you can't go throwing money around for something you won't end up using. That goes extra for a miniatures game, where the initial investment can be rather significant. Thankfully, more companies are posting rules online for you to see for free. This is what Warlord Games has done for Beyond the Gates of Antares. They've also posted the rules for the Freeborn Army for you to look at as well.

The Freeborn are the latest faction to come out for Antares. They are the military force of a group of merchants and traders. They have the money to buy the greatest weapons out there, but the bottom line must be balanced. Their main job is to make sure the spice flows... along with all the other goods and such that forms the main income source for the group. They are the masters of their own fate and they know it. You can check out how that translates into figure rules through the link.