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Warlord Games Posts Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex, an interview with Paul Sawyer (Part 3)

Doctor Who is getting a couple new games this year. One of them is the miniatures skirmish game coming from Warlord Games. If you're one of the many Who (see what I did there?) have been wishing they could just jump ahead and time and get it, you'll be happy to see that there's a Part 3 of the interview series with Paul Sawyer posted up, giving you some more details about what you can expect.

From the post:

Time again for a catch up with our Head of Product Design, Paul Sawyer, trying his best to answer your questions and reveal juicy insider information about our Doctor Who range. Over to you, Paul…

Q.When you research characters to release, approx how long before the initial design commission to the product reaching our shelves? What was the first figure(s) you commissioned for the range?

How long is a piece of string really? It depends on a lot of variables – the speed of the designer, the accuracy of the designer, whether we have to go back and have several rounds of alterations before they go to the BBC for approval. Some stuff comes through, and you think, wow! I’ll just submit it to the BBC now, but the majority of sculpts go through two or three rounds before I’m happy with it. It doesn’t go to the BBC unless I think it’s good enough. At that point we are in the hands of the BBC for approval which similarly has a variable timescale involved.