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Warlord Games Posts Detailed Preview of Ghar for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Beyond the Gates of Antares is still on its way. Patience and it will be here before you know it. And for Ed Gruberman, "yeah, yeah, yeah, patience. How long will that take?" To tide you over until then, Warlord Games has posted up a detailed preview of the Ghar, one of the races from the game. They're the ones that get the really cool battlesuits.


Well, I think they're the cool battlesuits. They were originally humans, but had been genetically modified over the generations to become warriors. The transformation took place so long ago that nobody's ever quite sure of why they were made in the first place. But boy, do they hate humans. While the Ghar are killing machines (literally and figuratively), they do have their outcast versions who don't have quite the stats of the main-line Ghar units. So there's some flexibility in what you choose to field.

The first Ghar sets will come in the Beyond the Gates of Antares starters that will be making their way to you soon.