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Warlord Games Posts a New Release and a Treat

Warlord Games posts a new release and sign rulebooks for Hail Caeser and Black powder:


From their website:

To celebrate the anniversary of games designer and tea connoisseur, Rick Priestley, joining the Warlord Games team, we would like to offer a limited number of hand-signed Black Powder and Hail Caesar rulebooks. The books will contain author Rick’s signature (and, if we’re lucky, some of the other people involved in the producing of the books but no promises!) and will retail for the usual £30. They will make ideal gifts or collector’s items and are available in a limited quantity on a strictly first come, first served basis – don’t tarry!

The fourth in our series of plastic boxed sets for the Anglo-Zulu War are the Natal Native Contingent are here and available in our store. Produced in conjunction with Empress Miniatures these loyal subjects will provide support for the redcoated British line infantry. The plastic boxed set contains 32 multi-pose plastic NNC miniatures and two metal Empress Miniatures officer models. Although a general ratio of one musket per ten NNC would be the norm, there are stacks of options for arming your troops as you see fit! The Natal Native Contingent consisted of a number of regiments broken down into typical British formations of battalions and companies. They were composed of loyal Black natives (loyal to the Crown) who chose to live in British Natal, and across the river from their mortal, and much feared, enemies – the Zulu.