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Warlord Games Post New Releases

Warlord Games shows new releases for the Bolt Action and Hail Caeser lines:

From their website:

This plastic boxed set has been revamped and repackaged from the Immortal Miniatures range we purchased recently. As a result the box has more miniatures as well as one or two extras. The hoplite phalanx was one of the most formidable fighting formations of the ancient world, enabling the Greeks to dominate the battlefields of their homelands and much of the Near East for hundreds of years. Each hoplite was equipped with the best armour and equipment he could afford, which often gave the phalanx a rag-tag appearance. The front ranks were reserved for the wealthiest, and therefore best-equipped, men where they hoped to perform heroic deeds in their rich panoply, while the poorer labourers and farmers – arguably those most suited to fighting – took their place behind.

Mounting two flamethrowers into a Sd.Kfz 251 Hanomag this vehicle lends terror tactics to the German forces. Six of these vehicles were assigned to each panzergrenadier regiment. Flame on! The two flame projectors mounted on the 251/16 were backed up by the usual shield-mounted MG34 or MG42 and an additional portable (albeit still attached by pipe to the halftrack) smaller calibre flamethrower which could be used by dismounted infantry. The crew would don protective headgear from full hoods to havy scarves and goggles. Plenty of conversion opportunities here! The Sd.Kfz 251/16 is just one of several new Hanomag variants we have coming out for you in the next few weeks. Next up will be an Sd.Kfz 251/1-II ‘Stuka zu fuss’