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Warlord Games online specials

Warlord Games are offering several special deals on their online store. From their announcement:
We're feeling the hobby love this month, and want to spread it around (ooh err missus!) Here are a few deals you can find on our website, for a limited time only! Operation Squad Deals One copy of Operation Squad WWII Skirmish rules and one Metal Bolt Action box for £40. (Saving of £3) One copy of Operation Squad and one Plastic Bolt Action box for £35. (Saving of £3) If you've heard good things about the Operation Squad rules set, now is the time to get your copy. Free Plastic Box Set - Limited Offer! Place an order for over £100 and claim a free plastic or hybrid box set. (Warlord Games products only!) The best miniature is a free miniature. Offer closes February 1st, so don't slouch. Hail Caesar Army Builder Deal Buy 3 Warlord Games Ancient Armies plastic or hybrid box sets and get a 4th for free (plastic only). You don't want to be caught with your subligaculum down when Hail Caesar is launched later this year, so get your Legionaries and Barbarians in order. Offer closes February 1st. Price Hold on Perry & Victrix Plastics Beat the price rise! Warlord Games is freezing Perry and Victrix products at the old price until the end of the month when the cold hand of capitalism will force us to raise the price to the new RRP. Offer ends February 1st when the new prices will be applied. Visit our website for these deals and more.