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Warlord Games now sells Procreate sculpting putty

ProcreateWarlord Games is now selling Procreate sculpting putty. From their announcement:
We're all familiar with Green Stuff sculpting putty but there's now a new kid on the block - ProCreate (imaginatively known as Grey Stuff). We now stock this great medium. Whereas Green Stuff was originally designed for fixing radiators and window seals, ProCreate is a two-part epoxy resin specifically designed to produce finely detailed models. You can see the results are quite stunning. Check the link at the end of this item to see what Warlord's in-house sculptor makes of the new putty. If you're already sold on the new putty head on over to our webstore and pick yourself up a pack - even better if you buy three or more packs you'll save cash too. And on top of that there's free worldwide shipping during August.