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Warlord Games New Releases

Warlord Games has new releases from their Bolt Action and Hail Caeser lines:

From their website:

Psiloi are light infantry skirmishers and as such will be a popular addition to Greek forces.

The Lakedaimonians used Helot slaves at Thermopylae and Plataea, although we do not know how they were equipped to fight, we do know that they were dressed in the standard way for shepherds. Later evidence shows that they were used to harass the enemy with stones and javelins, with only a skin covering one arm to use as a makeshift shield. Greek armies did not use Peltasts at this point, but we think it is quite reasonable to think that helots could be armed in this way.

Arguably the best tank produced by the Japanese during WWII, the up-gunned ShinHoTo variant of the ubiquitous Type 97 Chi-Ha tank saw extensive service against the British Commonwealth and American forces as well as against the Russians in the conflict in Manchuria during 1945.

As with any battleline the front rank of a hoplite unit wasn’t the safest of places to be! To represent this, and to give a great set of casualty markers for your games of Hail Caesar are these ‘Dead ‘Uns’… The long bladed spears and heavy slashing swords would cause horrific injuries to any un-armoured area. Due to the aspis covering you from your chin to knee, and the leg and head being protected by bronze armour, it took a skilled opponent to strike you in a vital area. Wounds are said to be most common to the neck and groin, surprisingly.

An injury to either area would be fatal. As your right arm is exposed, it would also prove a target. Hands and arms are often recorded as being chopped off in combat.

The latest release for our WWII Imperial Japanese Army range are these infantrymen swathed in all manner of foliage allowing them to blend into their jungle environment more easily. Well-versed in jungle combat the Japanese soldier quickly developed an almost invincible reputation amongst their Allied adversaries. The Jungle Fighters squad contains an NCO with Type 100 sub-machine gun, 8 riflemen with Arisaka rifles and a Type 99 light machine gunner.