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Warlord Games New Releases

Warlord Games has mutiple releases for their Bolt Action, Hail Caeser, and Zulu lines:

From their website:

As we continue to re-release the vehicles we acquired when we bought BEF Miniatures, here's another early war armoured vehicle to help stave of Nazi aggression – this time the Belgians are supported by the T15

With our acquisition of Immortal Miniatures recently we’ve spent some time reorganising the range for rerelease. The first to be reborn under our Hail Caesar range are the plastic Spartans. Have a look at what are arguably the most famous fighting men down the ages as they are available right now in our web store.

Many of you have asked whether our Rorke’s Drift! boxed set and the Horns of the Buffalo – Rorke’s Drift collector’s set will be available after Christmas. The answer is most certainly, yes! You can get your hands on the boxed set via our webstore, on our stand at Shows or in your local gaming store. The Horns of the Buffalo is only available directly from us on the webstore or by phone on +44 (0) 115 978 4202.