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Warlord Games Looks Inside Campaign Gigant

The German invasion of Britain not only stalled out, but the counter-attack is threatening to push them back into the sea. With the stakes high, the German High Command is launching Campaign Gigant, their own counter-counter-offensive that will hopefully (for them, anyway) see the tide turn back once more. The new book coming for Bolt Action, Operation Gigant adds new options and missions for players. Warlord Games has posted up another preview looking into just what the operation (militarily) consists of.

From the website:

The Germans refuse to let their last foothold in Britain fall and they now prepare to conduct phase two (utilising their new secret weapon, the monstrous Gigant aircraft!). Let us take a look inside this new supplement before the invasion begins!

Glider-borne troops and vehicles are bought in to create a surprise second front in North East England, splitting the British defences still further and driving a steel wedge down through the heart of the British countryside!