Warlord Games Highland Clansmen available to pre-order

Warlord Games is now taking pre-orders for their Pike & Shotte Highland Clansmen.

From their announcement:

The skirl of the pipes is perhaps one of the eeriest sounds that you can hear, more so if you were a Covenanter soldier in the Civil Wars in Britain 1642-1650 awaiting the approach of Montrose’ wild Highlanders.

Warlord Games’ Highlanders are depicted as they would form for battle. The Laird and his close family in the front ranks, ready to fire a volley then charge, whilst the middle ranks prepare their Lochaber axes, bows, muskets and broadswords. The poorest, youngest or oldest fill in at the back shouting encouragement and hurling stones.

We are now taking pre-orders for this box set, to be shipped the first week of August. You can also take advantage of our “There can be only one…” Highlander deal, where pre-ordering three Highland Clansmen box sets will get you Alisdair “The Devastator” MacColla and a Highlander Hero free.