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Warlord Games has new Bolt Action Belgian FRC 76mm gun

Warlord Games continues their artillery bit with Bolt Action with the new Belgian FRC 76mm piece.

From them to you:

Following hot on the heels of our new Belgian FRC 47mm anti-tank gun is this tasty 76mm mortar. Although mostly used in mortar mode it could also be used as an infantry gun, firing over open sights…
The Canon de 76 FRC was a Belgian infantry support gun, Produced by the Fonderie Royale des Canons (FRC), the Canon de 76 FRC was usually a 76mm calibre weapon but there were also an optional 47mm barrel which could also be fitted. Captured by the German forces sweeping through Belgium and the Low Countries, the gun was redesignated as 7.6 cm IG 260(b) by the Wehrmacht. This would be an unusual addition to your German forces with Wehrmacht crew!