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Warlord Games has Assyrian Qurubuti Archers

Warlord Games continues transitioning their stock with their Assyrian Qurubuti Archers.

From the update:

Here we have more Assyrians from the range we acquired when we bought Immortal Miniatures - this time Royal guard archers.
The Assyrian king would maintain a brigade of his personal royal guard, this was probably one thousand strong. The archers wore a lamellar corslet of either bronze or iron with leather pteruges to protect the groin. The archers quiver was of tubular design, usually made from sheets of bronze. The quiver had a rod attached to act as a leaver, making it easier to access the arrows. The box would also be stored in this when not in use.

Archers were the mainstay of the armies of the near east at this time. The bow was of the ‘Akkadian’ style rather than the ‘Skythian’ style which was adopted by the eastern Iranians and later by the Persian empire.