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Warlord Games details their presence at Salute

Warlord Games posts up a schedule of events they have planned for Salute.

This will be our fifth year at Salute and, once again, we want to make it bigger and better than ever. We will be at Stand No. GH23 & GH26 (for those who were at Salute last year, we are in the same spot). For newcomers to the show, just look dead ahead when you enter the hall and look for the Warlord Games banners toward the back.

The Battle of Bridgewater - a Pike & Shotte participation game

We will be hosting a game of Pike & Shotte – our big release at this year’s Salute. The Battle of Bridgewater is a ferocious clash between Lord Hopton’s Royalist army of the West and the Parliamentarian forces of Sir William Waller. Will The Royalist brush aside the beleaguered Parliament troops and push on for London, or will Waller’s men drive the cavaliers back to Cornwall?

Bolt Action - a preview game

We will also have a game of our upcoming WWII game, Bolt Action – a preview look of this game for the first time. This is looking to be a massive hit with WWII gamers looking for a platoon level 28mm game; come along and take a look at what is on the way.

What's next?

This is also your chance to meet the Warlord Games team and ask us your questions. We’ll all be there, including Wojtek, our sculptor, who is being unchained from his desk for the day to show you his latest (and future) projects although we would ask you not to feed him (we've all seen what happens to Mogwai in the film Gremlins...)..

But we know you don’t just go to Salute to see the latest games and talk toy soldiers. You’ll want something to paint when you get home. So…

This Salute we will lots of new Warlord Games products for our Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Black Powder and Pike & Shotte ranges (including the new plastic WWII US Infantry, the first Warlord Games plastic scenery piece, The Ruined Hamlet, and a host of resin vehicles). We will also bring along loads of other product ranges such as The Army Painter, Sodapop Miniatures, Architects of War, etc.

Pike & Shotte

Our new Pike & Shotte rulebook is being launched at Salute this year.
Pike & Shotte: Battles with model soldiers in the 16th and 17th centuries, written by Steve Morgan, based on the hugely popular Black Powder by Rick Priestley.

Anybody buying the Pike & Shotte rulebook from us at Salute will also get the special edition King's Guard ensign, Hugo Raleigh figure absolutely FREE!

Being unveiled to the public for the first time, the new rulebook will be available to buy on the day. Anyone who has placed a pre-order has the option of picking their copy up on the day instead of it being posted the day before. If you want to do this, please drop us a line at

Forthcoming releases

Not only will we have several unreleased projects for you to feast your eyes on but we're also likely to have a small number of unreleased models available for you to get your eager mitts on so make sure you get to the Warlord stand early!

Salute Show Deals

We will be running a number of deals on the day, including:
• Buy 5 boxes or blisters and get the cheapest FREE
• New Army Deals for the Pike & Shotte release
• Bolt Action Army Deals
• We shall also be offering some cracking deals on the new Army Painter Warpaints

See you at Salute!