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Warlord Games celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with 20% off!

Warlord Games is having a 20% off sale in honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The sale covers a lot of stuff, so go check it out.

From the announcement:

With Her Majesty, the Queen, celebrating her Diamond Jubilee we’re celebrating too – with a red, white and blue special offer to share the pride we’re all feeling.
Being patriotic types here at Warlord we’re all cock-a-hoop about Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. Whilst all this flag-waving fervour is gong on, Warlord Games owner John Stallard wants to extend the love so from Friday 1st to Tuesday 5th June you can get a whopping 20% off all Warlord Games boxed sets and books on our webstore! Note that this is only WARLORD GAMES products so not Victrix, Perry, Army Painter, etc.