Warlord Games buy BEF Miniatures

By tgn_admin
Aug 26th, 2011

Warlord Games have announced that they have bought BEF Miniatures.

From their website:

We’re delighted to be able to announce that Warlord Games have purchased BEF Miniatures from owner and designer, Ian Crouch.

This move allows us to bring the early stages of World War II to our customers with the intention to not only extend the great 28mm range Ian has built but also take it to a new level.

With dozens of vehicles and a range of miniatures covering British, German and Belgian armies BEF meshes very well with our existing Bolt Action range which, whilst predominantly focusing on the late war, has French and Polish ranges for the early war. Expect all nationalities to see new releases before too long as Ian will continue to make vehicles for the range and we already have several almost ready to release.As you’ll appreciate moving a large range of miniatures, masters, moulds, etc will impact on production and as a result the BEF website has been taken offline. As soon as we’re able you’ll start to see the BEF range appear on the Warlord Games webstore and, of course, you’ll hear all about it first in our weekly email newsletter. The sooner the better as we’re all very excited about this new line.

For the late war and Pacific fans amongst you, never fear – we’ll continue to bring you loads of new goodies. We have plenty coming through at the moment and the pace won’t slacken due to the BEF acquisition.

  • WWII Guy

    How is this going to work with Company B and JTFM/Die Waffenkammer. A bunch of those vehicles are on their websites. I’ve bought some from Company B and JTFM are releasing the early war Brit, German, and French they got from the old Chieftain line up. I’m totally confused.

  • cama

    Paul at Warlord is taking emails regarding this. Apparently there is a solution and there is not a problem. So head on over to WarlordGames and talk to Paul re this.

    • WWII Guy

      That’s weird, I checked the Warlord forum and [email protected] locked the forum topic about BEF. The guy from JTFM asked some legitimate questions but didn’t get an answer looks like. I’d like to know how Warlord is going to handle this so they don’t copy stuff Company B or JTFM already have.

      • Jeff, You’ve been sent a reply via email at length. I’ve closed that thread down for one reason only – I don’t believe business discussions should be aired in public.

        • WWII Guy

          Sorry Paul but my name isn’t Jeff. I’m Peter Keir and I emailed you this morning. I’m just concerned because I buy your products and I wanted to know what’s going on..