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Warlord Games' Bolt Action British Airborne revamped

Warlord Games continues to work at revamping some of their older sets to be more in line with the Bolt Action army lists. This time it's the revamped British Airborne.

From the update:

We recently revamped our Bolt Action US Airborne range to better fit with the Armies of the United States army lists. This week it’s the turn of His Majesty’s paratroops and glider troops – the Red Devils!

Red Devils contains 20 metal miniatures:
• HQ: 1 officer and 2 paratroopers.
• 10-man section: NCO and 3 men with Sten guns, 4 men with rifles, 2-man Bren gun LMG team.
• 2-man 2-inch light mortar team.
• 2-man PIAT team.
• Vickers medium machine gun team.
• Full-colour waterslide decal sheet.